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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept – The Next Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be the most talked about smartphone in coming months as its release date approaches. I’m sure that it will jump over the popularity level of every event happened so far. The talks and on-going rumors about the next flagship Galaxy support my belief. Many concepts about the Galaxy S5 have surfaced over the web that suggests different features in this upcoming flagship Galaxy device. After a deep research, your favorite Galaxy S5 blog – Galaxy S5 info – is up with its own Galaxy S5 Concept. Check out all the features of our Galaxy S5 concept below.

galaxy s5 concept
Let me start explaining our Galaxy S5 concept from its most glowing part. Any guesses? It’s display. The concept has flexible display that wraps around the edges. To be precise, Galaxy S5 concept created by us has Flexible OLED YOUM Display that is of 5.3-inches in size. This display technology will change the way you use the smartphone. Yeah, you’ll get a totally unique display experience. This flexible display has oleophobic coating which makes it even more eye-popping.
Galaxy S5 Youm Flexible Display
Not enough? The screen is extended side which removes the physical buttons from the side. This behavior of the screen is not only meant to provide more evolutionary design, but also to provide a touch sensor based buttons for volume and camera. It will also provide menu shortcuts and other navigational options while you are using apps.
Galaxy S5 concept made by us has a renovated home button to deliver a touch sensor based experience, which means no physical home button. The home button glows which make it look even better.
Galaxy S5 home button touch sensor
This concept has Aluminium Unibody Construction and a waterproof and shockproof body. Waterproof body is something that will be admired by every fan of Samsung. Moreover, it will help Samsung keep its reputation in the market, as there has already started trend of waterproof smartphones, and the most important thing is that, people love those ‘extremely protected’ smartphones. Talking more about the design part, there is touch sensor based power button along with a glowing led for notifications like missed calls, SMS, mails, etc. This feature is something quite impressive.
Galaxy S5 power button touch sensor
The profile switch button will allow users to keep customized settings under two options – one is the max performance mode and the other is the hybrid PowerSaver mode. It will come handy when users are on remote places and need to keep their device alive. The new power save mode in galaxy SV will provide 50% more runtime.
The concept of Galaxy S5 created by us has got SIM slots, microSD slots and charging ports in one place. We believe that Samsung will bless Galaxy S5 in this way only so as to deliver a unique design to customers, which will please them for sure. Samsung has learned well from its experience that design does play an important role in deciding destiny of a smartphone in the market. Company will surely implement learning from its experience in its next flagship Galaxy device that we are talking about.
Galaxy S5 charging port sim card and micros sd slot
Talking about the inner hardware specifications of the concept made by us, the best eye-catching part is processor. There is 2GHz Exynos 5 OctaCore processor which is meant to deliver a smooth experience. The users will be able to do whatever they want, at a blazing speed. Most of concepts of Galaxy S5 claim that this smartphone will have Android Key Lime Pie version, but we are different here. We believe that this device will come up with the recently announced Android 4.4 Kitkat OS.
In the imaging part, there is a 16MP Primary Camera in the device. What makes this camera unique is its Carl Ziess lens. To allow you to shoot perfect moments, the primary camera has got Samsung’s own S:Vision sensor. To drop a better light on the object so as to click the high-quality image in low light or dark areas, there is Xenon Flash placed right on the top of lenses. The front camera is of 3.2MP which shoots HD videos of 720p quality.
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galaxy s5 rear camera
To please customers of different storage needs, Samsung will make the Galaxy S5 available in three storage options of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. 128GB is too much? Well, when a device like mentioned in this concept is in hands, even 128GB becomes less. This concept created by us has 3GB RAM in it. We believe that this perfect combination of memory will be blessed by Samsung in the Galaxy S5.
In our Galaxy S5 concept, there is awesome sound quality, thanks to Quad Surround speakers with S::Surround Technology. It is powered by 3200mAh Li-ion battery, which will give you 50% more battery life than the current Galaxy S4. It also supports wireless charging.
Check out the key specs of our Galaxy SV concept below.
galaxy s5 specs
The release date for Galaxy S5 is rumored to be Q1 of next year. The exact specs will get cleared then only. We believe that actual S5 will resemble to our concept to some extent at the very least, if not all. Let’s wait for actual product to get unveiled.

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